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Welcome to my blog/website...
  • You can call me Encik Sarip
  • River-Ranger at Kg Taman Warisan, Bukit Tabur, Taman Melawati.
My work:
  1. Monitoring biodiversity along the river of Kg Taman Warisan, Bukit Tabur, Taman Melawati.
  2. Identify local and foreign species of fish. 
  3. Promote campaign the importance of recognizing the local fish. 
  4. Local fish breeding. 
  5. Learning areas and eco-tourism.
  6. Learning area rivers and streams information center. 
  7. River Ranger training.
  8. Water quality data are recorded every month.
  9. Sample and specimen record will be shared with River Ranger Comunity (RRC) and in rolpop website. 
  10. Biological monitoring area and specimen identified.
  11. As association community liaison officer to brief the program.
River-Ranger and Entrepreneur (MATOA) , 

Encik Sarif Walat

Mobile Phone: +6014-2591601

E-mail: saripwarisan@gmail.com

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